Understanding Resolution No. 2024-158s

Understanding Resolution No. 2024-158s

Thank you for your interest and active involvement in the update to the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan through your comments on Resolution No. R2024-158s. The Council greatly appreciate your perspectives, and there will be numerous opportunities for you to share your thoughts and insights between now and the fall when adoption of the 2024 Comprehensive Plan periodic update will be considered.

Resolution No. R2024-158s makes no final decisions and is one of several steps in the Comprehensive Plan update process. The resolution provides directions to the Planning and Public Works Department regarding the preparation of a final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and draft a Comprehensive Plan and Capital Facilities Plan which will be considered by the Council through a series of public hearings in the late fall of 2024. 

An EIS is required by state law and gives the Council and the community much more information and data to understand the positive and potential negative impacts of decisions imbedded in the Comprehensive Plan draft. The EIS includes alternatives which creates the land use and other policy “bookends” for what Council may consider in the fall. This EIS information will be made available for public review once it is received by the Council. Council may choose to make any decisions within the bounds of the EIS and will use this EIS information along with further public input in the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan.

Resolution No. R2024-158s reflects the Council’s commitment to ensuring that the Comprehensive plan accurately reflects our community’s needs and aspirations, aligns with state laws and regional policies, and incorporates robust public input.

You can find more information about the Comprehensive Plan update process at this website. Public comments on the proposed resolution can be here.

Thank you for your continued engagement on this important community issue.