Not quite what I was expecting, but….

At the end of the year, I always take the time to reflect back on the challenges we faced and what we accomplished.  For 2021, I thought back to where I was a year ago, with 2020 finally wrapping up and looking forward to the new year.  Here are three things I did not see coming that we had to confront in 2021:

  • Vaccine Boosters. I was eager for the vaccines to be widely available and COVID to fade away by early summer.  I did not expect the Delta Wave in September and the need for booster shots!  I am “boosted” and hope you are too!
  • The Great Supply Chain Disruption. So many things we need at work or at home are being delayed!
  • The Great Resignation. A variety of factors have contributed to the strangest employment market I have seen in my lifetime!

Having said that, I’m proud of the work that you’ve been doing to respond to the many needs of our community. The last 12 months brought many obstacles and opportunities, and you stepped up to deliver for the people of Pierce County!

One of my year-end tasks is to document the year’s highlights in a video. Take a minute, pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate and join me for a quick trip through 2021 one last time.

Did I miss anything?  Please let me know what you thought should have made the video and didn’t!

I have built my share of gingerbread houses with my granddaughters.  But at Wednesday’s meeting of the Planning & Public Works Expanded Management Team, small groups took the concept to a whole new level!

Check out their gingerbread renditions of some of Pierce County’s landmarks!

Team “Dancer” created Crystal Mountain. There must be gingerbread somewhere underneath all of that “snow!”
Team “Prancer” built an impressive replica of Thornewood Castle

Sadly, Mike Isun, an Asset Management Specialist in PPW’s Maintenance & Operations, was not in attendance. He passed away at his home this week.  Please keep his family and co-workers in your thoughts and prayers.

As we head into the holiday week, please hold your family and friends especially close.

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