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Over the weekend…

4/23/22, 5:01pm
Drive-by Shooting
1400 blk 180th St Ct E, Spanaway

Deputies were dispatched to a drive-by shooting that occurred in a residential neighborhood. When deputies arrived, witnesses told them that someone in a car fired several shots at a house. Nobody was injured in the shooting. According to neighbors, the previous tenants of the house had been the victims of at least five drive-by shootings, but recently moved out of the house. Deputies only have vague descriptions of the car and suspects.

4/23/22, 7:53pm
DUI Collision
11500 blk Canyon Rd E, Summit

A patrol deputy was travelling eastbound on 112th St E when he noticed a vehicle speeding in front of him. He caught up to the vehicle at Canyon Rd E and conducted a traffic stop in a parking lot. The driver backed up into the deputy’s car during the stop. He admitted to drinking and the deputy saw empty beer bottles in the car. The 26-year-old driver was transported to the hospital for a blood draw before being booked into jail for DUI.


A 29-year-old female came across an investment opportunity on Instagram that promised her a $5,500 return on a $100 investment. The woman sent the company $100 through an app. Soon after, the company requested $299 for a “release fee.” Later, they requested another $300. The woman followed up later to check on her investment and they told her they needed another $199. She realized this was a scam and contacted police.

4/24/22, 2:00am
DUI, Eluding
96th St S & Steele St S

A deputy attempted to stop a possible DUI driver near the intersection of 96th St S and Steele St S in Parkland. As soon as the deputy turned on his lights and siren, the vehicle sped away. Since DUI is a pursuable offense, the deputy chased after the car. The suspect’s vehicle was in bad shape and couldn’t seem to accelerate above 30mph. The deputy used a PIT maneuver, which caused the vehicle to stall. The deputy ordered the driver to exit the vehicle, but instead, the driver took off again. The deputy continued the pursuit and attempted another PIT. The driver performed a maneuver to defeat the PIT, indicating that the driver has likely eluded police before. Officers from neighboring agencies advised that they were responding with stop sticks. The vehicle struck an officer head on, then drove a short distance before going off the road and hitting a telephone pole. The 23-year-old female driver was unconscious and was transported to the hospital. Deputies could see drug paraphernalia, used to smoke opiates, inside the vehicle. At the hospital, the suspect told the deputy that she was under the impression deputies could no longer chase suspects. She was booked into jail for DUI and eluding.

4/24/22, 5:25pm
DUI Collision
1300 blk Tule Lake Rd S, Parkland

A traffic investigator was dispatched to a possible DUI collision where a vehicle struck a fence. The deputy could smell alcohol coming from the driver and observed other signs of impairment. A witness said the driver told him he had smoked marijuana earlier and was on his way to the liquor store. The deputy was trying to determine if someone could come pick up the vehicle or if it had to be towed, so he asked the driver if his car was still drivable. As the deputy spoke to a witness, the driver got in his car, started it, and drove away. The deputy caught up to him a couple blocks away. The driver said he thought the deputy told him he could leave, even though the deputy still had his driver’s license and hadn’t given him any paperwork. After conducting field sobriety tests, the 36-year-old driver was arrested for DUI.