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Shots Fired As Suspect was Breaking Down Door

At 08:26 am this morning our dispatchers received a call of a man trying to break into a home at the 6000 block of Vickery Ave E. As deputies were responding they were notified the homeowner was armed with a shotgun and the suspect was using a shovel to break the door. Just before deputies arrived they were told the owner shot at the suspect.

Deputies arrived on scene and detained the 30-year-old suspect who had minor injuries. The 27-year-old resident put his firearm away and met with deputies outside.

Deputies learned the suspect had been kicked out of the home and was trying to get back in today. His ex-girlfriend and her 3-year-old child were staying at the home with his extended family. The suspect arrived at the home with flowers and when they would not let him in, he picked up a shovel and then an axe to try to break down the door. The resident fired his gun through the glass and caused the suspect to back away. Deputies were on scene within seconds of the shooting and were able to detain him.

Detectives and forensic investigators were called to the scene to assist with the investigation. The suspect was treated for his minor injuries and then booked into the Pierce County Jail for Burglary in the 1st Degree and Assault in the 1st Degree.