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PSATTF recovers $6.7 million worth of stolen vehicles in 2023

Throughout 2023, our investigators worked diligently to battle the auto theft problem plaguing Pierce and King Counties. As a result of long-term investigations, emphasis operations, and heads-up police work, our investigators recovered 404 stolen vehicles with a total value of $6,697,852! They made 101 arrests for a total of 217 criminal charges.

Since 2017, our task force has recovered 2,643 stolen vehicles with a total value of $40,031,957. We’ve arrested 733 auto theft suspects, resulting in 1,268 criminal charges.

We’re seeing auto theft numbers start to trend downward, but the work is not done. Here’s what you can do to help us attack the problem and lessen your risk of becoming a victim:

✅ Remove or hide all valuables
✅ Lock your car
✅ Don’t leave keys or fobs inside
✅ Don’t leave your vehicle running unattended (exhaust in cold months makes these vehicles easy to spot)
✅ Use anti-theft devices (alarm, kill switch, steering wheel lock)
✅ Park in well-lit areas