A 14,411 Foot View

A 14,411 Foot View

The Mountain is out! We’re launching a blog. Twice a month we’ll publish a feature story about the county council, your councilmembers, and the districts you call home. The blog’s namesake comes from Mt. Rainier right here in Pierce County. At 14,411 feet, it is the tallest peak in the Cascade Mountain Range, Mt. Rainier. Mt. Rainier is also part of the Ring of Fire in the Pacific; it is an active volcano.

Now about the Council: The Pierce County Council is the legislative branch of Pierce County government.  The Council has all powers of the County not otherwise reserved to the people, the Executive, or general law. Members are elected from seven contiguous and equally populated districts. Each county councilmember represents a district having a population of approximately 131,500 people and is elected to four-year terms.

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