River Crossing discussions at Meeker Days

The project team's booth set up at Meeker Days. There are two boards with various project information standing behind a table.

In June, our project team joined festival enthusiasts to kick-off summer at the annual Meeker Days celebration. The team set out to inform community members about a new bridge that’s being planned for this project over the Puyallup River, only three miles from downtown Puyallup. The more than 150 people who visited the booth were welcoming and curious; they asked lots of questions about pedestrian access, construction impacts, and offered suggestions for improvement. Many gave their thoughts and shared their excitement and approval of the project. Several visitors even drove past the site of the new bridge on their way into Meeker Days, and had lots to say about how much this work is needed, specifically to reduce the idling time on River Road and Levee Road that they were sitting in. 

Digital rendering of the future bridge over the Puyallup River.

The new bridge, pictured above, connects 70th Avenue East with Canyon Road East, crossing over Levee Road and River Road and stretches across the Puyallup river.

Our project team had an amazing time at this year’s Meeker Days celebration, and we are looking forward to meeting more members from the community! We can’t wait to see you all at Milton Days festivities at Milton Community Park on August 20th. Stop by to say hi and learn more about the Canyon Road Regional Connection Project!

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