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Over the weekend…

3/5/22, 1:50am
Commercial Burglary
15305 Meridian E, South Hill
Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary at a Chinese restaurant after the owner received a security alert. Deputies did not locate any suspects inside the building. The suspects broke in through the back door and destroyed a safe, which did not contain cash.

3/5/22, 2:49am
Commercial Burglary
17700 blk Pacific Ave S, Spanaway
Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary at a beauty supply store. When they arrived, they noticed that one of the front glass windows was shattered. The suspects had ransacked the store and there were products all over the floor. Deputies have obtained surveillance images of the suspects.

3/5/22, 3:11am
Commercial Burglary
10400 blk Rainier Ridge Blvd E, South Hill
A deputy was working off-duty, providing security for an apartment complex that is under construction. At 3:00am, he exited the fully fenced complex to check the property behind the main construction site. When he returned 11 minutes later, he spotted a truck parked next to a storage container that is a common target for thieves. The 28-year-old driver eventually told the deputy that he was trying to steal gas for his truck. Burglary charges for the driver and his 28-year-old female passenger will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.

3/5/22, 3:14am
Commercial Burglary
11000 blk Canyon Rd E, Summit
Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary at a cell phone store. The owner showed them surveillance video of two male suspects who pried open the back door and stole a computer and several demo cell phones.

3/5/22, 9:29pm
DUI, Eluding
17400 blk Pacific Ave S, Spanaway
A patrol deputy spotted a driver smoking methamphetamine while parked at a gas pump. When the driver saw the deputy, he sped away. Since DUI is a pursuable offense, the deputy chased after the suspect. The suspect’s car, which was stolen, didn’t get very far before the engine failed and the car slowed enough for a deputy to use a PIT maneuver. The 29-year-old suspect was arrested for DUI, possession of a stolen vehicle, and eluding. He is well known to law enforcement and had two warrants for possession of stolen vehicles. He told deputies that he thought if he drove recklessly enough, the deputies wouldn’t be allowed to chase him because of new laws.

3/6/22, 2:00am
Commercial Burglary
16100 blk Meridian E, South Hill
Deputies were dispatched to a burglary at a sandwich shop. When they arrived, employees showed them drag marks created by suspects dragging the restaurant’s safe to the back door and into the parking lot. Deputies are working with the owner to gather surveillance video.

3/6/22, 9:58pm
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
10700 blk Pacific Ave S, Parkland
A patrol deputy pulled into a gas station to get fuel and noticed a suspicious vehicle. He ran the license plate and discovered that the vehicle was stolen. He arrested the driver as he came out of the store, but the passenger ran. A K9 team began tracking the passenger and found him hiding in another parking lot under a pickup truck. The 27-year-old driver and 26-year-old passenger were booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle and obstructing an officer. The owner of the vehicle responded to the scene and drove the car home.

3/6/22 – 3/7/22, Overnight
Commercial Burglary
16200 blk Pacific Ave S, Spanaway
Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary at a church. A church employee told them that the suspects shattered the glass window to get inside the church and stole $1,000 from the offering box. There is no surveillance video.