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Over the weekend…

4/2/22 – 4/3/22, Overnight
10300 blk Sunrise Blvd E, South Hill
A deputy responded to a theft at a drug store. An employee told him that when she arrived for work in the morning, she noticed that the propane storage locker and been broken into. She said a total of 12 tanks were taken. There is no suspect info.

4/3/22, 1:00 – 5:00am
Commercial Burglary
17800 blk Canyon Rd E, Frederickson
A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary at a fast-food restaurant. When she arrived, the manager told her that she arrived for work and noticed that a window on the front of the store was shattered. Backup deputies arrived and searched the building, but they didn’t find anyone inside. Numerous register tills were on the ground and the safe’s door was open. There is no surveillance video available.

4/3/22, 4:06am
Commercial Burglary
17900 blk Pacific Ave S, Spanaway
A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary at a fast-food restaurant. When he arrived, he noticed that one of the glass doors was shattered. The suspect had gained access to the office and unsuccessfully attempted to break into the safe. According to surveillance video, the suspect left when he realized he wouldn’t be able to get into the safe.

4/3/22, 4:06am
Commercial Burglary
9800 blk 224th St E, Graham
A deputy responded to a commercial security alarm trip at a hardware store. When he arrived, he noticed that the front doors had been forced open, likely by a vehicle. The deputy reviewed the surveillance video, which showed two vehicles pull into the parking lot. One vehicle pulled up to the store’s entrance and pushed the doors open. Several suspects went into the store and gathered miscellaneous items including power tools and dog toys. The deputy gathered evidence from the scene that will be used in the investigation.

4/3/22, 7:40pm
Arrest Warrant
900 blk Lafayette St S, Parkland
Deputies arrived at a Parkland residence to serve an arrest warrant for domestic violence assault. They had already made two prior arrest attempts. This time, deputies were told that the 38-year-old suspect was currently in an outbuilding on the property. Deputies knocked on the door and the suspect answered, but he stopped responding after they told him who they were and that they had a warrant for his arrest. After 30 minutes of trying to get the suspect to come outside, deputies forced their way into the outbuilding and arrested the suspect. Witnesses inside the building said the suspect had told them to just wait because the police would just go away. The suspect was booked into jail for his warrant and for resisting arrest.

4/3/22, 11:36pm
Aggravated Assault
16500 blk B St E, Spanaway
Deputies were dispatched to a domestic violence incident involving a gun. When they arrived, the 38-year-old male victim met them outside and said he had been in an argument with his 31-year-old female roommate. The victim said the roommate grabbed a knife from the kitchen and then grabbed a gun and pointed it at him. Deputies took the suspect into custody without incident and recovered the gun. The suspect was booked into jail for domestic violence assault in the first degree.

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