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Over the weekend…

5/14/22, 2:02am
DUI arrest
11200 blk Canyon Rd E , Summit

A patrol deputy was stopped at the light at 112th St E and Canyon Rd E and noticed a blue Mustang in the left turn lane on the other side of the intersection. When the Mustang attempted to turn onto northbound Canyon Rd E, it went into oncoming lanes and struck the center curb. This caused damage to the car and debris was left behind as it drove away. The deputy turned on his lights and attempted a traffic stop. The driver eventually pulled over a few blocks down the road. The deputy could smell alcohol coming from the driver and she was slurring her words. She was too unstable on her feet to perform field sobriety tests, so she was transported to a police station to provide a breath sample. Her blood alcohol level was more than two times the legal limit. The 51-year-old driver was arrested for DUI and charges were forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

5/14/22, 6:40pm
14900 blk Pioneer Way E, Puyallup

A deputy was dispatched to a burglary that occurred at a property owned by a church. Deputies have responded to prior burglaries at this location and the owner has set up a surveillance system. The suspects cut the cable lock on the gate and damaged two cameras. The deputy reviewed surveillance video and saw a Uhaul box truck drive onto the property. He recognized one of the suspects, who is well-known to law enforcement because of his burglary and theft history. A records check indicated that the truck was not reported as stolen. Deputies are following up to see if the truck had been rented, or if it had been stolen but not yet reported.

5/14/22, 10:04pm
Drive-by Shooting
112th St S & Steele St S, Parkland

A driver reported that he was stopped at the red light at 112th St S and Steele St S when a vehicle drove past him and fired several rounds. His car was hit twice by the gunfire. He told deputies that he didn’t believe he was the target and that he was caught in crossfire. Neither he nor his passenger suffered injuries. He was not able to get a good look at the driver of the suspect vehicle.

5/14/22, 11:04pm
12800 blk Canyon Rd E, Summit

A patrol sergeant was turning onto 112th St E when he spotted a vehicle passing vehicles at a high rate of speed. He got behind the vehicle and observed several signs of impairment, including drifting over the lines and running a red light. Once the driver saw the patrol vehicle behind him, he started to speed up. Afraid that the suspect would run another red light, the sergeant turned on his lights and siren to try and stop the vehicle. The driver failed to yield and sped away. Since DUI is a pursuable offense, the sergeant followed him as deputies set up stop sticks. The car hit the stop sticks at 176th St E and Canyon Rd E, and it struck a car as it pulled into a parking lot. The driver took off on foot, but the sergeant quickly caught up to him. When asked why he fled, he told the sergeant that he wanted to see if the no-chase policy was real. A records check revealed that the car was stolen. Deputies located drug paraphernalia and vehicle theft tools inside the vehicle. The driver also admitted to smoking meth. The 22-year-old suspect was booked into jail for vehicular assault, eluding, possession of a stolen vehicle and DUI. The driver of the other vehicle suffered serious injuries.

5/15/22, 10:00am
Motor Vehicle Theft, Recovery
1100 blk 106th St Ct E, Parkland

A patrol deputy was flagged down by a resident who wanted to report that his vehicle had been stolen. He told the deputy the car had a GPS tracker on it and that the car was in the general area. The deputy drove to the address and followed the car as it drove away from a residence. The deputy turned on her lights and siren and the car quickly sped away. Since motor vehicle theft is not a pursuable offense, the deputy did not chase after the suspect. The deputy spotted the vehicle a short time later. It was driving in oncoming lanes and almost hit a patrol car. The female driver jumped out of the vehicle and it crashed into a berm. A deputy located the driver nearby. The 21-year-old suspect was booked into jail for motor vehicle theft and reckless driving.

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