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Over the weekend…

6/11/22, 9:55am
Child Abuse
16100 blk Meridian E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a report of in-progress child abuse at a shopping complex parking lot. The 911 caller reported that a woman was repeatedly striking a small child inside a vehicle. A records check revealed that there had been prior calls for service involving the same vehicle and allegations of child abuse. One of those calls was from earlier this year and involved a man and woman passed out in the vehicle with a child in the backseat. The responding deputy sent a report to CPS. This time, deputies observed a large amount of garbage and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. The woman, who is the child’s mother, admitted to using drugs and said they are living in the vehicle with her boyfriend. Deputies were concerned for the 3-year-old boy’s safety and decided to place him into protective custody.

6/11/22, 12:13pm
Commercial Burglary, Motor Vehicle Theft
100 blk 188th St S, Spanaway

Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary and motor vehicle theft at a construction business. When deputies arrived, the owner told them that four suspects had cut a hole in the fence to get access to the yard. Once inside, they stole four vehicles. One of the vehicles was later found on railroad tracks on JBLM property.

6/12/22, 12:45am
Commercial Burglary
17400 blk Pacific Ave S, Spanaway

A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary at a drive-thru coffee shop. When he arrived, an employee told him that someone had broken into the shop by throwing a rock through the window. The suspect dumped a gallon of milk on the floor but didn’t steal anything. The employee said the cameras stopped working about five minutes before the burglary. The deputy informed her that power had gone out in the area due to a motor vehicle collision.

6/12/22, 5:08pm
Strongarm Robbery
9500 blk 176th St E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a strongarm robbery at a drug store. When they arrived, the manager told them that two suspects had walked into the store and began loading up bottles of liquor. As they approached the exit, without paying, an employee tried to block them from leaving. One of the suspects pushed the employee out of the way and also dropped one of the bottles. It shattered and the employee then slipped on the liquor. The suspects fled the store. Employees said the two suspects also stole liquor from the store a few months ago.

6/12/22, 6:30pm
DUI, Motor Vehicle Theft
6000 blk 79th St E, Waller

Deputies were dispatched to a collision, possibly involving a DUI driver who fled the scene. On the way to the scene, deputies spotted the car in a gas station parking lot and ordered the driver out of the vehicle. The female driver complied but was extremely unstable on her feet and appeared to be under the influence of a substance. The vehicle she was driving was confirmed stolen, so deputies immediately arrested her. The 23-year-old suspect told deputies that she found the car with the keys in it, so she took it. She equated it to picking up a penny off the ground. She was transported to the hospital for a blood draw and was then booked into jail for motor vehicle theft, DUI and hit and run.