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Over the weekend…

6/18/22, 12:27pm
Possession of Stolen Property, Hit & Run
10500 blk 156th St E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a gym parking lot following reports of a suspicious vehicle and prowlers. When they arrived, they found the vehicle, which had switched, stolen plates on it. A deputy attempted to stop the vehicle at 152nd St E and Meridian, but it fled. Since the offense is not pursuable, the deputy did not chase the vehicle. The car struck multiple vehicles further down the road as the driver continued to drive recklessly even though he wasn’t being chased. It struck another vehicle in the intersection of 122nd Ave E and 144th St E, causing the suspect’s vehicle to roll several times. The suspects got out and fled on foot, but a deputy tracked both of them down. The 26-year-old driver was transported to the hospital for a suspected fentanyl overdose. The other car was full of people headed to a wedding, so a deputy drove them there. While cleaning up the scene, deputies found $1,000 worth of Legos at the scene and discovered they had just been stolen from a nearby department store. Police reports will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for a charging decision.

6/20/22, 8:08am
Eluding, Stolen Vehicle
8600 blk Portland Ave E, Midland

Deputies were dispatched to a report of a stolen vehicle. When they arrived, the vehicle took off. It had a flat tire so it could only drive at slow speeds. A deputy got in front of it to box it in and slow it down even more. The driver got out of the vehicle in the 10700 block of Pacific Ave S and ran across the road. He was apprehended after a short foot chase. Due to booking restrictions, the 38-year-old driver couldn’t be booked into the Pierce County Jail. A deputy drove him to Kitsap County Jail so he could be booked under his warrants there. When they arrived, he claimed he had swallowed heroin so the jail required him to receive medical treatment before he could be booked.

6/20/22, 12:05am
Residential Burglary, Weapons Violation
2200 blk 180th St E, Spanaway

Deputies were dispatched to a residential burglary in progress. The victim said she was watching a Facebook Live stream of her ex-boyfriend and several other people inside her residence, and they were armed. Deputies arrived on scene and began detaining the fleeing/hiding suspects. One of them, a 15-year-old male, was arrested and booked into Remann Hall for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. The other suspects, all teenagers, were released at the scene pending a charging decision from the prosecutor’s office.

6/19/22, 10:42pm
Aggravated Assault
16500 blk Meridian E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a call inside of a store, involving a firearm. When they arrived, a woman told deputies that she and her boyfriend were shopping inside the store when she bumped into another customer’s shopping cart. She said she apologized and started to walk away, but the man yelled at her. The two began to argue, so her boyfriend stepped in. The other customer pulled out a gun and pointed it at the boyfriend. An employee intervened and the armed customer walked away. Deputies requested a copy of the surveillance video.

6/19/22, 7:36pm
10100 blk 194th St E, Graham

Deputies were dispatched to a shooting in a gas station parking lot. When they arrived, they found a man with a gunshot wound to his hip. He was transported to the hospital for treatment. According to witnesses, the man and the shooter had been engaged in an ongoing dispute over a woman. The man started ramming the shooter’s car in the parking lot, so he shot him in self-defense. The man with the gunshot wound was arrested for assault in the second degree.