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Over the weekend…

7/10/22, 2:42am
82nd Ave E & 192nd St E, Graham

A deputy was attached to reports of an abandoned vehicle that was on fire. Fire personnel had put out the flames, but were not able to locate a license plate or a VIN, so they called for a deputy. No VIN could be located, but the truck was an older Mazda. The deputy was also unable to locate any surveillance video.

7/10/22, 4:50pm
Dog in Hot Car
9500 blk 176th St E, Graham

An animal control officer was dispatched to a report of a dog locked in a hot car at a grocery store. When she arrived, the officer saw a dog panting on the floorboard of the car with the windows rolled up. The officer took the temperature of the interior and determined it was 127 degrees inside. She called for priority assistance. A K9 handler responded to the scene and broke the window with his flashlight. The dog was put in an air-conditioned vehicle and was given water. The 19-year-old owner was located and was issued a ticket.

7/10/22, 8:51pm
Shoplift, Assault
20300 blk Mountain Hwy E, Spanaway

A deputy was dispatched to a shoplifting incident where an employee was assaulted. When the deputy arrived, the victim told him that she attempted to stop a woman from stealing a hoverboard and the woman punched her. The deputy reviewed surveillance video and confirmed the victim’s story. The 23-year-old suspect was arrested for assault in the fourth degree and was trespassed from the store.

7/10/22, 9:29pm
DUI Collision
16500 blk Waller Rd E, Spanaway

A deputy was dispatched to a one-vehicle collision involving a possible DUI driver. When the deputy arrived, he positively identified the driver as a 15-year-old female. According to a witness, the car ran the stop sign at Waller Rd E and Military Rd E at a high rate of speed before crashing. One of the passengers started throwing beer cans into the bushes and the driver asked the witness not to call the police. The driver was arrested for reckless driving and minor operating a vehicle after alcohol consumption. The other juveniles in the car, ages 17, 15 and 13, were released to their parents.