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Over the weekend..

7/23/22, 7:10am
Stolen Vehicle, Unlawful Firearms Possession
18200 blk 118th Ave Ct E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a report of a subject slumped over in a vehicle that was parked on the sidewalk. When deputies arrived, they saw a male in the driver’s seat and a female in the passenger’s seat, with a drug pipe on the console between them. Both were slumped over and unconscious. The vehicle had switched plates and was stolen. Deputies woke up the occupants and arrested the driver, who had a gun on him. He is a convicted felon, who is prohibited from possessing firearms, and he told the deputy he didn’t know how the full-size handgun ended up in his pocket. He also told deputies that the couple had been smoking fentanyl-laced meth. The 40-year-old suspect was booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle and unlawful possession of a firearm.

7/23/22, 4:59pm
10300 blk 156th St E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a shoplift in progress at a department store right across from our South Hill precinct. When they arrived, deputies located the suspect outside of the store. Employees told them that the suspect loaded up a cart of items, but when she saw an employee standing at the door, she ditched the cart and walked out with chips and a soda. The 41-year-old suspect has been trespassed from the store on numerous occasions. She told the deputies that she has memory problems and can’t remember which stores she has been trespassed from. Due to COVID booking restrictions, the suspect couldn’t be booked into jail, but charges will be forwarded to the prosecutor.

7/23/22, 6:21pm
DUI Arrest
Pioneer Way E & Gay Rd E, Tacoma

Deputies were dispatched to a possible DUI collision involving two vehicles. When they arrived, deputies noticed an empty box of Truly’s on the floorboard of the suspect’s vehicle, along with empty cans and drug paraphernalia. The victim said she was coming around a sharp corner when she saw the suspect’s vehicle cross over into her lane. She swerved but the cars collided. The suspect’s passenger got into an altercation with the victim and bit her before fleeing on foot. The 24-year-old suspect was arrested for DUI. He was unruly on his way to jail, shouting obscenities at the deputy, trying to break the window with his handcuffs, and even purposely relieving himself on the floor. He kept moving his cuffs to the front and unbuckling his seatbelt while being transported. In addition to the DUI and malicious mischief charges, he was also issued a ticket for negligent driving, no insurance and not wearing a seatbelt (in the patrol car). The deputy’s patrol car had to be taken out of service for the remainder of his shift so that it could be cleaned.

7/24/22, 1:43am
Commercial Burglary, Theft
15500 blk Canyon Rd E, Brookdale

A deputy was dispatched to a storage facility for a commercial burglary. According to surveillance video, three suspects arrived in a stolen vehicle and cut the razor wire near the gate. Once inside the yard, the suspects cut the catalytic converters off several RV’s. One of the suspects is pictured in this post. If you recognize him, please submit an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers.

7/24/22, 12:00pm
Stolen Vehicle, Reckless Driving
160th St E & Meridian E, South Hill

A patrol deputy spotted a blue Ford F350 in an auto parts store parking lot and ran the plate since it is a commonly stolen vehicle. The deputy confirmed the truck was stolen and he activated his emergency lights. The driver looked over at him and started the truck. Anticipating that the driver was going to flee, the deputy jumped out of his car and placed stop sticks at the only exit. Instead, the truck drove over the curb, through the ditch and onto Meridian. Since possession of a stolen vehicle and/or reckless driving are not pursuable offenses, the deputy was not able to chase the suspect. A nearby store provided possible suspect info and deputies are following up on that lead.