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Deputies pursue, arrest domestic violence assault suspect

On Tuesday morning, at 10:11 a.m., 911 call takers answered a call where they could only hear crying and screaming in the background. They traced the call to a Spanaway residence where we have previously responded to domestic violence incidents.

When deputies arrived, the suspect ran from the house and got into a vehicle. The victim was shouting that he had assaulted her. Deputies ordered the suspect to get out of the vehicle, but he refused and drove away. Deputies developed probable cause for assault in the second degree and, since it is a pursuable offense, they chased after the suspect.

Deputies deployed stop sticks during the pursuit, and at one point, the suspect was driving on only one functional tire. The suspect crashed his vehicle in a yard near the intersection of Canyon Rd E and 200th St E, and then fled on foot. He ran for 100 yards before getting stuck in blackberry bushes and taken into custody.

The victim told deputies that the suspect hit her in the face several times and attempted to strangle her. He then took her phone so she couldn’t call 911. The victim found an old cell phone and used it to call 911 for help.

The 25-year-old suspect was booked into jail, and the Prosecutor’s Office charged him with felony harassment, interfering with reporting of domestic violence, assault in the second degree, obstructing, theft in the third degree, and eluding. He was arraigned yesterday, and bail was set at $100,000.