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Deputies, Code Enforcement condemn, board Waller-area house to prevent trespassing

Meet Inara. Until today, four-year-old Inara hasn’t been able to play in her front yard because of the nuisance property next door. The property was plagued with violence, drug activity and aggressive neighbors who have even been involved in drive-by shootings. Inara’s parents have kept her inside or in the back yard for playtime.

Today, our deputies removed squatters from this property in the Waller area and Pierce County Code Enforcement boarded the condemned structure to keep them from returning.

Inara can now safely play outside without her or her parents having to worry about the dangers lurking next door.

“The partnership between the Sheriff’s Department and Code Enforcement allows code cases to move forward more efficiently and makes neighborhoods and communities safer places to live,” said Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Papen. “This is a smart partnership that not only benefits the Sheriff’s Department and Code Enforcement, but ultimately benefits our communities in unincorporated Pierce County.”