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Over the weekend…

9/17/22, 3:00am
Commercial Burglary, Vehicle Theft
100 blk 168th St S, Spanaway

Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary at a storage facility. When they arrived, the owner told them that someone broke into the fenced facility and stole a van, which belongs to a local church’s youth program. A deputy checked the area and located the vehicle in a parking lot in the 14900 block of Pacific Ave S. It had significant body damage and the ignition was damaged as well. Two windows were also broken. The owner responded to the scene to retrieve it.

9/17/22, 6:45pm
Aggravated Assault
15000 blk Pacific Ave S, Parkland/Spanaway

Deputies were dispatched to an assault with a weapon at a fast food restaurant. When they arrived, the victim (an employee), told them that a man came into the restaurant and started to fill up his own cup at the soda machine. When she approached him and told him he couldn’t do that, he pepper-sprayed her. Witnesses recognized the suspect and gave deputies his name. He is likely transient, but if located, he can be arrested for (misdemeanor) assault in the fourth degree. Charges will also be forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

9/18/22, 12:27am
Aggravated Assault
16700 Pacific Ave S, Spanaway

Deputies were dispatched to a bar parking lot for a report of an assault with a weapon. When they arrived, the victim told them that as she left the bar and approached her car, a woman opened her door. She told the woman that she was getting into the wrong car and the woman told her to go away. The woman attacked the victim and the two fell to the ground. During the struggle, the woman stabbed the victim in the hand with a pocket knife and bit her arm. The 26-year-old suspect, who was clearly intoxicated, was arrested and booked into jail for assault in the first degree and vehicle prowl. She had keys in her pocket that belong to her boyfriend’s vehicle, which is very similar to the victim’s vehicle.

9/18/22, 1:13pm
15900 blk Meridian E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a theft in progress at a car wash. A 911 caller reported that two suspects were stealing quarters from the coin machine. When deputies arrived, one of the suspects immediately said, “You caught me,” and admitted to stealing $20 in quarters. A deputy walked over to the machine and noticed a knife stuck in the slot. He wondered out loud to himself how the suspects were getting the quarters out of the machine and one of them answered. A 41-year-old suspect was arrested for theft in the third degree. Charges will be referred to the prosecutor’s office. A 45-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into jail for two domestic violence order violation warrants.

9/18/22, 6:05pm
Collision, Strongarm Robbery
102nd St S & Ainsworth Ave S, Parkland

A traffic deputy was dispatched to a collision that also involved a strongarm robbery. When the deputy arrived, the victim told him that he had been in a collision with another vehicle at a four-way stop. He said that after the collision, a man got out of the other vehicle and approached his car. The man started yelling at him, punched him in the face and demanded his wallet. When the victim refused, the suspect reached into the vehicle to grab a bag. The victim struck him with a flashlight and the suspect left on a bike. Deputies determined the suspect’s identity and will forward charges to the prosecutor’s office for robbery in the second degree. He will also be arrested if deputies are able to locate him.