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Prevent package theft this holiday season

‘Tis the season for… package theft! We don’t want to bring you down as you’re getting into the holiday spirit, but we need to remind you that there some Grinches out there who are looking to snag your Christmas goodies before they make it under your tree.

Here are some tips to help lessen your risk of becoming a victim:

*Provide delivery instructions*
Instruct the delivery person to place packages out of sight, such as behind benches, planters, or columns on your porch.

*Have packages delivered to your office*
For a more secure delivery option, have the shipping company send packages to your place of work rather than your home.

*Sign up for delivery alerts*
Sign up to have the delivery company send you delivery alerts via text or email so you can track your package in real-time and retrieve it as soon as the delivery person drops it off on your porch.

*Ask a trusted neighbor to help*
Ask a trusted neighbor to watch for your package and, if possible, pick it up right after delivery.