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Deputy Jorgensen receives commendation for his actions during welfare check

We’d like to share with you a commendation that Deputy Riley Jorgensen received for his empathy and compassion while conducting a welfare check. The following commendation was submitted by Deputy Jorgensen’s sergeant:

“I received notification that Deputy Riley Jorgensen was dispatched on 8/31/22 to a welfare check of a mother and two children living in a vehicle and parked at the Safeway on Meridian. Deputy Jorgensen responded with empathy and compassion, and instead of just moving them along and having them leave the parking lot, he took the time to research and assess the situation and contacted others to assist him in finding a solution. Deputy Jorgensen requested the assistance of Co-responder Sillan.

“For over an hour and a half, both utilized what resources they had and tried to line up available options for the mother and children. Unfortunately, there were no immediate remedies, so Deputy Jorgensen transported all three to a local motel and paid for a room out of his own pocket. It gave this family a well-needed break from the car and allowed them a warm shower and place to stay for the night. Co-responder Sillan also began looking at other options, trying to find any other assistance available, outside the normally used places.

“People like Deputy Jorgensen and Co-responder Sillan are a true example of the character of this department and Pierce County employees. I want to pass on my sincere and heartfelt appreciation, and I am glad that I was informed of this because they both deserve to be recognized.”