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Over the weekend…

12/17/22, 4:02am
Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Illegal Firearms Possession
112th St E & Canyon Rd E, Summit

Two deputies were on patrol together in the same car when they were nearly sideswiped on the passenger side by a gray Hyundai sedan. It was travelling approximately 20 mph over the 40 mph speed limit. The sedan was swerving all over the road, so deputies believed the driver was likely impaired. The deputies activated their emergency lights and attempted to stop the vehicle, but it failed to yield. As deputies were asking for permission over the radio to pursue the vehicle, it lost control and crashed into a fast-food restaurant at 112th St E and Canyon Rd E. The driver climbed out of the rear passenger window and fled on foot. Deputies pursued him and the suspect gave up. When deputies returned to the vehicle, they found a gun on the center console. The car and the gun were both stolen. The 16-year-old driver couldn’t be booked into Remann Hall because he had been in a collision, so he was released to his mother. The following charges were forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office and a charging decision is pending: possession of a stolen vehicle, possession and stolen firearm, hit and run, and reckless driving.

12/17/22, 11:18pm
Armed Robbery
18900 blk Pacific Ave S, Spanaway

Deputies were dispatched to an armed robbery that had just occurred at a convenience store. When deputies arrived, the victim told them that a man in his early 20’s entered the store wearing a ski mask and gloves, and implied that he had a gun. The suspect grabbed a display case containing $6,000 worth of vape products and ran to a getaway car. Deputies obtained surveillance video and will forward it to detectives for further investigation.

12/18/22, 12:20am
Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Arrest
12400 blk 209th Ave E, Bonney Lake

A patrol deputy was driving behind a Ford F-150 and decided to run the license plate since he knows Ford trucks are frequently stolen. The records check revealed that the truck had been stolen from the Lacey area. The deputy followed the truck while he waited for back up. Once additional deputies arrived, they conducted a high-risk stop. The driver complied with commands and was taken into custody. He told deputies that he got the truck three days prior from his roommate, and that his roommate told him he got the truck from a family friend. He admitted that he thought it was a “little weird” that the steering column was damaged and it didn’t require a key to start. Deputies found heroin and fentanyl in his pocket. The 35-year-old suspect was booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle. In accordance with state law, he was given a drug treatment pamphlet in lieu of drug charges.

12/18/22, 10:54am
Shoplifting Arrest
10300 blk 156th St E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a shoplift in progress at a department store. The female suspect regularly shoplifts from this store and is well known to deputies. When the first deputies arrived, they spotted the suspect and took her into custody before she could flee (as she usually does). Since she had been previously trespassed from the store, deputies arrested her for burglary in the second degree. The 42-year-old suspect was booked into jail.