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Pierce County under Winter Storm Watch

Ok, Pierce County, here we go… one more storm stands between us and Christmas! The National Weather Service has issued a ‘Winter Storm Watch’ for our area this afternoon through tomorrow evening. In true Pacific Northwest fashion, we are expected to get snow and freezing rain overnight.

Not only will the roads be slick and dangerous. but the ice could also cause power outages. During a fall windstorm, a power outage is mostly an inconvenience – no lights, TV or wifi. With current temps in the 20’s, you could lose the ability to heat your home.

We encourage you to prepare for this storm now. Take a look at steps you can take to get ready at home:

✔️ Flashlight and extra batteries
✔️ Extra food and water such as dried fruit, nuts, granola bars and other food requiring no cooking or refrigeration
✔️ Baby items such as diapers and formula
✔️ First-aid supplies
✔️ Emergency heat source: fireplace or wood stove (gather warm blankets if you have no backup heat source)
✔️ Extra pet food and warm shelter for pets
✔️ Review generator safety: Never run a generator in an enclosed space
✔️ Check on vulnerable neighbors

Keep in mind that even after the ice melts tomorrow evening, power outages could drag on.

We also advise against any unnecessary travel overnight or tomorrow morning. If you MUST go out or are traveling for Christmas, please make sure you stock your vehicle with the items in the infographic.