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Over the weekend…

1/20/23, 11:23pm
Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Arrest
9300 blk S Steele St, Tacoma

A patrol deputy spotted a suspicious vehicle that pulled into a shopping center parking lot. The deputy watched the female driver go into the store while he waited for a records check on the vehicle. Once the vehicle was confirmed stolen, the deputy went into the store and arrested the driver. While searching the 26-year-old suspect, the deputy located 55 fentanyl pills. She was booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle.

1/20/23, 10:44pm
Hit-and-Run Collision, DUI Arrest
108th St S & Park Ave S, Parkland

Deputies were dispatched to a two-vehicle, hit-and-run collision. The victim told deputies that she was stopped in traffic at an intersection when the suspect attempted to illegally pass her on the right. He struck her vehicle and fled the scene. About an hour later, the victim called 911 to report that she had just spotted the suspect’s vehicle parked in a cul-de-sac. Deputies arrived and contacted the driver, who was passed out inside the running vehicle. When he woke up, he immediately grabbed a handgun that was on the passenger’s seat. Deputies ordered him to drop the gun. He was then taken into custody. The suspect provided a fake name and refused to provide his birthdate. He eventually provided his real name and deputies determined he is a convicted felon. Since he was in a collision, deputies transported the 33-year-old suspect to the hospital for a medical evaluation before booking him into jail. He was booked for hit and run, obstructing, and unlawful possession of a firearm. He also had warrants for three counts of assault in the first degree, unlawful possession of a firearm, and domestic violence assault in the fourth degree.

1/20/23 – 1/22/23
Commercial Burglary
17500 blk Canyon Pkwy E, Frederickson

A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary that occurred sometime between Friday evening and Sunday morning. The building is under construction and is going to be an auto parts store. The victim said this is the third time the building has been burglarized in the last six months. He said he is missing his power tools, which he recently replaced due to prior burglaries. Deputies are working with nearby businesses to obtain surveillance video.

1/21/23, 3:38pm
Stolen Vehicle, Eluding
115th St S & Yakima Ave S, Parkland

A patrol deputy spotted a Toyota Camry, with no license plates, traveling southbound on Park Ave S. The trunk was full of tools, including a ladder, and was being held partially closed with a bungee cord. The deputy conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver. The driver identified himself and the deputy was able to confirm his identity using records databases. A records check revealed that the vehicle was stolen. Since there were multiple passengers in the car and an aggressive dog, the deputy waited for backup to arrive. Prior to backup arriving, the driver sped away from the traffic stop. The deputy followed him a short distance, but he couldn’t pursue any further because motor vehicle theft is not a pursuable offense, according to state law. If/when the 30-year-old suspect is contacted again by police, there is probable cause to arrest him for possession of a stolen vehicle and felony eluding.

1/21/23, 5:11pm
Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Arrest
10200 blk Alaska St S, Parkland

A patrol deputy spotted a Ford F-250, with no license plates and a broken window, driving through a residential area. The deputy conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver. The VIN on the dashboard was covered up, so the deputy ran the VIN on the inside of the door. A records check revealed that the truck was stolen. The 34-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle.