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Homicide Suspects Arrested by Detectives

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This week Pierce County Detectives made two arrests in the January 28th murder at 12600 90th Ave E near Rogers High School. Detectives were able to track down a 18-yr-old male suspect and arrest him on April 18th. Yesterday on April 20th they located the second suspect, a 17-yr-old male, who ended up turning himself in to investigators at our precinct.

Detectives believe the suspects setup a meet with the victim to rob him and then shot and killed him before fleeing.

Thanks to the hard work by our Homicide Detectives and Special Investigations Unit we were able to develop probable cause to get warrants, track down and arrest the suspects.




Tonight at 6:47pm Deputies responded to a shooting call at the 12600 block of 90th Ave E. The caller said her boyfriend had just been shot and she ran from the scene.

Deputies arrived and found the victim in his vehicle in grave condition. Paramedics were able to find some signs of life, but as they were transporting him, the 19-year-old man died in the ambulance.

Deputies setup containment along with Puyallup Police Officers. A Puyallup K9 attempted to track the suspect but we were unable to locate him.

Our detectives and forensic investigators were called out to search for evidence and document the scene.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Department or they can make an anonymous tip through crime stoppers.

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