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Driver of stolen box truck repeatedly rams two patrol cars

On the evening of Feb. 7, deputies were dispatched to reports of a stolen box truck parked in a driveway near 192nd St E and 79th Ave E in the South Hill/Graham area. When deputies arrived, they confirmed the truck was stolen and saw a male driver, a female passenger, and a dog asleep inside it. There was also drug paraphernalia in the truck.

Deputies knocked on the window and ordered the man to exit the stolen truck. The suspect was not compliant and refused to show his hands. When the deputy attempted to open the door, the driver closed it. The deputy broke the window, but the suspect started the truck and put it in reverse before deputies could remove him from the vehicle.

The suspect rammed both patrol cars multiple times and then sped away. Neither deputy could follow the suspect because both cars were heavily damaged. The suspect ran over stop sticks and one of the tires started to deflate.

A K9 deputy spotted the truck, and a pursuit was authorized since deputies believed the driver was impaired. The truck collided with another vehicle and came to a stop in a ditch. The driver fled on foot, but the passenger remained in the vehicle.

Deputies were unable to catch the driver, but they were able to identify him.

A few days later, he was spotted in another stolen vehicle. When deputies tried to stop him, he sped off again. Deputies were unable to pursue him this time since possession of a stolen vehicle is not a pursuable offense.

On Feb. 14, deputies located the suspect on foot and apprehended him before he could get behind the wheel of another vehicle and speed away.