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Over the weekend…

3/25/23, 8:08am
Commercial Burglary
10300 blk 122nd St E, South Hill

A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary alarm at an orthodontist’s office. When he arrived, he saw a man exiting the business. He ordered the suspect to stop and show his hands, but the suspect refused and walked away from the deputy. As the deputy followed the suspect, he could see that the man had a machete tucked up into his sleeve. He continued to follow the suspect but maintained distance so he could use de-escalation tactics. Once the suspect removed the machete from his sleeve and armed himself, the deputy requested less-lethal backup as well as a K9. Backup arrived and a deputy fired less-lethal rounds at the suspect; the rounds were ineffective. The foot chase continued and the suspect eventually tossed the machete. Additional less-lethal rounds were fired and the suspect sat down and gave up. The 27-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into jail for burglary in the first degree, resisting arrest and obstructing.

3/25/23, 2:30pm
10300 blk 156th St E, South Hill

A deputy was dispatched to a shoplift in progress at a department store. The suspect was a known shoplifter and had been trespassed from the store in December. When the deputy arrived, a store employee pointed out the suspect, who stole nearly $500 worth of LEGO toys. Since she had been previously trespassed, the deputy arrested the 21-year-old suspect for burglary in the second degree. She also had a warrant for burglary in the second degree (for the same type of incident). She was booked into jail on the new charge and her warrant.

3/25/23, 10:03pm
DUI Collision, Arrest
24200 blk 32nd Ave Ct E, Spanaway

A Mountain Detachment deputy was dispatched to a possible DUI collision. When he arrived, he contacted the female driver and immediately smelled alcohol. She admitted to crashing her car and told the deputy she wasn’t drunk anymore. The deputy determined that the driver was at a party and decided to leave after an argument occurred. She struck a parked car, drove over a hedge, hit a rock, crossed the road, and hit another rock and a tree before coming to a stop. The 23-year-old driver was arrested and transported to the hospital for a blood draw and medical treatment. During the transport, the woman yelled at the deputy and threatened to kill him and his family. At the hospital, she screamed at staff and assaulted one of the nurses. Once medically cleared, she was booked into jail for assault in the third degree and DUI.

3/26 – 3/27/23, Overnight
Commercial Burglary
17500 blk Meridian E, South Hill

A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary that occurred overnight at a restaurant. When the deputy arrived, the owner told him that the alarm had been activated and the control panel had been cut from the wall. The suspects had broken into the vacant suite next door and cut a hole in the wall to gain access to the restaurant. While cutting the hole, the suspects cut the wires to the alarm, which caused it to sound. It does not appear that any property was taken.