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Over the weekend…

4/1/23, 4:50 am
Commercial Burglary
17000 blk Meridian E, South Hill

A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary that occurred overnight at a bakery. When the deputy arrived, the manager showed him a video of someone breaking into the business. The suspect initially broke into the neighboring vacant business suite and then cut a hole in the drywall to gain access to the bakery. He stole a business checkbook, a laptop, a cell phone and $100 cash. The suspect also damaged a safe and the control panel for the security alarm. Deputies are reviewing surveillance video and the investigation is ongoing.

4/1/23, 7:57pm
Narrows Bridge

A deputy spotted a Harley Davidson motorcycle that was driving recklessly and drove on the shoulder to avoid the toll at the Narrows Bridge. The deputy paced the motorcycle at 93 mph before initiating a traffic stop. Once the deputy turned on his lights and siren, the motorcycle sped away and began passing vehicles on the shoulder. The deputy turned off his lights and did not pursue the motorcycle. Later, on I-5, the deputy caught back up to the motorcycle. He noted the license plate and then pulled up next to the motorcycle to see if he could identify the operator. The motorcycle sped away once again. The next day, a WSP trooper emailed the deputy to inform him that troopers arrested the operator after he fled from them in Thurston County. The 38-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into jail for eluding and driving with a suspended license. Our deputy mailed a ticket to the suspect for avoiding the toll.

4/2/23, 2:30am
Hit & Run, Stolen Vehicle Recovery
4100 blk 260th St E, Spanaway

A Mountain Detachment deputy was dispatched to a single-vehicle collision. On his way to the scene, he was advised that the two occupants, a male and female, had fled on foot. The deputy arrived within minutes but was unable to locate the suspects. Their vehicle, a Ford F-250, had struck a power pole and snapped it in half. The power lines were arcing against a tree, so the deputy was unable to approach the truck right away. Once the scene was safe, he ran the VIN and discovered that the truck had been reported stolen in Olympia.

4/2/23, 7:02pm
DUI Collision, Arrest
13900 blk 240th St E, Graham

Deputies were dispatched to a single-vehicle rollover collision, possibly involving an impaired driver. When deputies arrived, they found a pickup truck on its roof. The bed of the truck had come loose, and the roof was partially caved in. The pickup truck driver was waiting inside another vehicle that had arrived on scene after the collision. He admitted to drinking but said he didn’t drink enough to get a DUI. He also kept telling deputies he was home, even though he was standing on the side of a rural road. According to witnesses, the pickup truck had passed 2 vehicles at 75 mph just before the collision. An oncoming vehicle had to swerve into the ditch to avoid a collision. A breath test revealed that the driver’s blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit. The 34-year-old driver was arrested for DUI and charges will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

4/2/23, 7:08pm
Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Arrest
15800 blk Pacific Ave S, Spanaway

Deputies were dispatched to a grocery store parking lot after a 911 caller reported that he located his stolen vehicle and had detained the suspect. When deputies arrived, the victim told them that he tracked down his stolen vehicle using an Air Tag that he left in his car. He said that when he found his car in the parking lot, the suspect was sitting in the driver’s seat. He confronted him, and when the suspect tried to run away, the victim tackled him to the ground. The 45-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle. He also had a felony warrant for the same crime. The vehicle was released to the victim.