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Over the weekend…

4/8/23, 4:00am
Commercial Burglary
11400 blk Canyon Rd E, Summit

Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary that just occurred at a smoke shop. The owner called 911 to report that a vehicle had just rammed the front doors of the business and people were inside stealing items. When deputies arrived, they found a Hyundai Elantra idling in front of the business, but the suspects were gone. According to surveillance video, the suspects rammed the front doors using the Hyundai and then fled in another vehicle. They stole vape pens and other merchandise. The owner told deputies it would cost around $10,000 to replace the front doors. Deputies noticed that the Hyundai hadn’t been reported stolen, but they knew that virtually every car used to ram a store is stolen, so they went to the registered owner’s home. He didn’t realize that the car had been stolen and assumed it happened while he was sleeping. The investigation is ongoing.

4/8/23, 5:11 am
Commercial Burglary
9800 blk 224th St E, Graham

A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary alarm at a restaurant. When he arrived, the suspect was gone. The owner provided surveillance video, which showed the suspect enter the business wearing motorcycle gear, including a helmet. He rummaged through the restaurant and attempted to open the safe. He also took two cakes out of the fridge and played with them on the counter. The owner wasn’t sure if the suspect took anything when he left.

4/8/23, 2:53pm
Vehicle Impounded for Safekeeping
Webster Rd E & Barney Larson Rd E, Eatonville

A Mountain Detachment deputy was dispatched to a suspicious vehicle that appeared abandoned. The car was a 1960’s Ford Fairlane. It was parked facing the wrong direction in an area where stolen vehicles are often dumped; however, it was in excellent condition. The car was unlocked and the keys were in the cupholder. The car is registered in Oregon, but the deputy was unable to locate a phone number for the owners or any info on a local address. The deputy decided the car should be impounded for safekeeping until the owners could be contacted to pick it up.

4/9 – 4/10/23, Overnight
Commercial Burglary
14200 blk 92nd Ave NW, Gig Harbor

Over the weekend, two neighboring businesses – a market and a pharmacy – were burglarized. In both cases, the suspect gained access by breaking a window. When he broke into the market, he crawled on the floor, likely to avoid setting off motion sensors. After crawling 30 feet, the alarm sounded and he immediately got up and fled. The suspect also set off the alarm when breaking into the pharmacy.