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Over the weekend…

4/15/23, 2:50am
Commercial Burglary, Vehicle Theft
18700 blk 38th Ave E, Spanaway

A deputy was dispatched to a burglary that occurred overnight at a recycling plant. When he arrived, the manager told him that the suspect(s) cut a fence pole to gain access to the secure area. Once inside, they stole a $40,000 forklift as well as scrap motors and copper. The manager provided surveillance video, which our investigators will review.

4/15/23, 4:30am
Commercial Burglary
26900 blk 120th St E, Buckley

Deputies were dispatched to a burglary that occurred at a high school. When deputies arrived, a maintenance supervisor told them that the grounds maintenance shop had been burglarized. He said that the suspect used a screwdriver to start a forklift and then used it to force open a garage door (causing $5,000 damage). Deputies located a backpack containing burglary tools, and they found a pressure washer stashed in the woods nearby.

4/16/23, 2:05 am
Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Arrest
500 blk 134th St S, Parkland

Deputies were dispatched to investigate a suspicious vehicle parked in front of a residence. When they arrived, a Ford pickup truck drove away from the residence. A deputy ran the license plate and discovered the truck was stolen. Since the deputy knew that the driver is likely to flee and he won’t be able to pursue, he decided to follow it rather than immediately initiate a traffic stop. The truck stopped a couple blocks away at another residence. Deputies conducted a high-risk stop and arrested the 25-year-old male driver. He was booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle. He also had warrants for DUI and reckless endangerment.

4/16/23, 1:43pm
Meridian E & 128th St E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to an arson that occurred at a hot tub and spa retailer. A 911 caller had witnessed a woman light the fence on fire. As they arrived, deputies could see another cloud of smoke coming from a townhome just north of their location. Fire fighters put out the fire quickly at the business, but the townhome, which was being rented by an elderly woman, was completely destroyed by the other fire. The resident was not home during the fire. Thanks to a witness description, deputies located the female suspect in the 4300 block of Meridian E. She dropped a lighter while being arrested, and in her bag, she had a subpoena to appear in court on charges of reckless burning and obstruction. Further investigation revealed that the suspect also started a fire outside a salon in the 10200 block of 144th St E. The 36-year-old suspect was booked into jail and has subsequently been charged with arson in the first degree, reckless burning in the first degree, and reckless burning in the second degree.

4/16/23, 11:50pm
Eatonville Cutoff Rd E & Mountain Hwy E, Eatonville

A Mountain Detachment deputy was traveling southbound on Eatonville Cutoff Rd when he noticed a white Kia Sportage traveling the opposite direction. The car was straddling the yellow center line and was going about 15 mph under the speed limit. The deputy turned around to get behind the vehicle and saw it cut across the opposite lane and stop on the southbound shoulder, facing north. Due to the erratic driving, the deputy believed the driver was likely impaired. He turned on his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop and the car took off. Since DUI is a pursuable offense, the deputy chased after the vehicle. He was then notified that the plate on the car was stolen, which likely means that the car is stolen as well. Deputies deployed stop sticks in the 28000 and 22400 blocks of Mountain Hwy E, but the vehicle avoided them. The car’s speed got up to 120 mph during the pursuit. As the vehicle passed 224th St E (northbound), the deputy decided to terminate the pursuit due to safety concerns: wet roadways, speeds, and increased population/traffic.