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Over the weekend…

6/25/23, 8:31pm
Malicious Harassment (Juvenile)
21700 blk 46th Ave E, Spanaway

Deputies were dispatched to a residence for a call involving intimidation with a weapon. When they arrived, the 15-year-old victim told them that a juvenile male had come to his house and started yelling at him and his siblings in their backyard. The victim said the suspect bullies his little brother at school. According to the victim, the suspect grabbed at his waistband, insinuating he was armed, and threatened to kill the victim and his siblings. Deputies checked the area and located the 15-year-old suspect. They arrested him and booked him into Remann Hall for felony harassment. A gun was not recovered.

6/25/23, 10:15am
Vehicle Theft, Recovery
160th St E & 58th Ave E, South Hill

A field training officer (FTO) and his trainee were dispatched to a parking problem where a black Kia Soul was blocking a driveway. When they arrived, they noticed that the vehicle was still running, and a man was asleep behind the wheel. One of the windows was broken and there was a shirt covering the steering column. Deputies ran the plate and learned the car had not been reported stolen. The man did not appear to be in distress, so deputies continued to investigate the vehicle’s status. The FTO called the registered owner to see if she knew where her vehicle was. The owner told him it had been stolen overnight. Deputies placed stop sticks behind the tires in case the driver woke up and attempted to flee. They quickly opened the door and arrested the 24-year-old suspect. He was booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle.

6/25/23, 12:44pm
Fatal Collision
45000 blk Alder Cutoff Rd E, Eatonville

A deputy was dispatched to a motorcycle collision just south of Eatonville. When he arrived, he saw two Harley-Davidson motorcycles laying on the road. The deputy contacted one of the riders who said he and his female friend were heading home from a motorcycle meetup in Randle. He said that his friend failed to negotiate a sharp turn in the road, hit the guardrail, and was ejected. Fire personnel provided aid, but the 54-year-old woman did not survive her injuries.

6/24/23, 6:15am
Vehicle Impounded
33500 blk 84th Ave E, Graham/Eatonville

Deputies were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle parked in front of a residence. When they arrived, the homeowner told them that a Ford F-350 pickup truck was abandoned in his front yard overnight. A records check revealed that the truck had fled from a deputy approximately five hours earlier but had not been reported stolen. There was ignition damage and the truck was full of boxes. Deputies attempted to contact the registered owner but were unsuccessful. They towed the vehicle for safekeeping.

6/24/23, 3:30pm
1000 112th St E, Parkland

A deputy was dispatched to a strongarm robbery at an apartment complex. The victim, a USPS employee, said he was delivering mail when a vehicle followed him into the gated complex. The victim began delivering mail and noticed a man get out of the vehicle and reach into the mail truck. The victim confronted the suspect, who grabbed a tray full of mail and threatened to shoot the victim. The suspect then drove away. Another USPS employee had been delivering mail nearby and reported that the same suspect made sexual comments towards her.

Over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), 8 vehicles were reported stolen in Unincorporated Pierce County, and attempts were made on an additional 8 vehicles. Of those, 14 were Kia or Hyundai models. None of the owners reported having a theft-deterrent device, such as a steering wheel lock. One of the attempted-theft victims did report that she recently had the Kia/Hyundai software upgrade completed. If you own a vehicle that is vulnerable to theft, like certain Kia/Hyundai models, we strongly suggest that you purchase an anti-theft device. While no device is 100% tamperproof, taking a simple precaution is better than taking no precaution at all.