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K9 Eddie Assists After Foot Pursuit

Pierce County Body Cam

On July 5th at 10:24 am our deputies responded to a call of a vehicle that was trespassing on 72nd St E and Pipeline Rd E in Tacoma. The caller was concerned about the person in the front seat being slumped over on the property where they had moved some boulders to gain access to the area.

Our Deputies went to see if the driver was okay and investigate why he drove his vehicle past the barricades and rocks. The man was cooperative until deputies advised him the license plate on his vehicle was stolen. When they attempt to detain the man he runs from them.

After a foot pursuit and a little tumble, our deputy collects himself and decides to wait for additional units and call for assistance from K9 Eddie.

Watch as Eddie and his handler help deputies get this suspect in custody.

The suspect was treated for minor injuries and then booked into the Pierce County Jail for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Obstruction and Assault in the 3rd Degree.

Nice work deputies and K9 Eddie!