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Good Boy Eddie!

On Monday August 8th, our deputies were dispatched to an armed robbery call at 162nd St Ct E and 66th Ave E.

The initial information given was that a suspect had stolen the callers water truck and had been followed by the owner’s brother. The brother called 911 to advise the suspect shot at him and he fired back.

Deputies arrived on scene and found the truck unoccupied in the middle of the roadway. They were advised 2 suspects fled from the truck. With the potential of them being armed we called for assistance from who elseā€¦ K9 Eddie!

Witnesses had told deputies they saw the suspect jumping several fences, usually we could make a passage through the fences, but knowing they kept hoping fences they chose to go around.

Watch as K9 Eddie helps track down these two suspects who thought they could hide in an old pickup truck.

With both suspects in custody deputies brought the victim in who confirmed these were the suspects found in the truck.

Now that the suspects were in custody we were able to do a little more investigating. It turned out the vehicle had an air tag inside of it and the owner’s brother was tracking the vehicle. The brother saw the vehicle make a u-turn in a driveway when he decided to confront the suspects. The suspect hit parked cars and came toward the brother who then fired shots at the vehicle (In the video you can see a tow truck was pushed into the side of a buidling). The brother thought he heard them fire a gun, but we found no evidence of the suspects having a firearm.

Thankfully everyone was okay, but we would encourage you not to track your stolen vehicle and instead call for deputies to recover it or contact any suspects.

In the end K9 Eddie and our deputies did a fantastic job locating these suspects so they could be held responsible for their actions.