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Over the weekend…

9/23/23, 12:00am
112th St E & Canyon Rd E, Summit

A deputy was dispatched to Good Samaritan Hospital after a 38-year-old patient arrived at the emergency department with a gunshot wound. He had been dropped off in front of the hospital by unknown persons. The victim told the deputy he was in a grocery store parking lot when he was shot. He gave vague details about the shooting and declined to tell the deputy who might have shot him or who dropped him off at the hospital.

9/23/23, 2:34am
Commercial Burglary
12400 blk Meridian E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary alarm at a vape store. When they arrived, they saw that one of the glass windows was shattered. The owner gave deputies the surveillance video, which showed three juveniles arrive at the store in a gray Kia Soul. One of the suspects threw a large rock at the store’s window and broke it. The suspects made a larger hole in the glass and climbed through the window. They went straight for the vape pens and stole 10 boxes, valued at $3,250. The suspects fled in the Kia, which had been stolen earlier in the night from a nearby residence. Deputies recovered the stolen Kia earlier this morning; it had been abandoned on the side of Portland Ave.

9/23/23, 2:24pm
Found Gun
Orting-Kapowsin Hwy

A deputy was dispatched to meet with a resident who located a gun earlier in the day. He said he was driving southbound on Orting-Kapowsin Hwy and saw a pistol in the middle of his lane. He pulled over, picked up the gun, and inspected it. He said it did not have a round in the chamber, but the magazine was full. The gun had not been reported stolen, but there was no listed owner. The gun was booked into our property room for safekeeping.

9/23/23, 11:43pm
2200 blk 96th St S, Parkland

Tacoma PD officers were dispatched to a shooting near a convenience store. Shortly after arriving at the call, they determined that the shooting actually occurred at a nearby carwash, which is just inside Unincorporated Pierce County. When our deputies arrived, Tacoma officers told them that two male victims, ages 24 and 40, had already been transported to the hospital. Forensics personnel collected casings and towed the victims’ car so it could be processed and searched. Both victims are expected to survive.

9/24/23, 2:59am
Commercial Burglary
22200 blk Meridian E, Graham

A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary that occurred overnight at a drug store. According to the manager, surveillance video shows four juvenile suspects arriving at the store in two different vehicles. They shattered a window with a flashlight and then entered the store. The suspects went to the alcohol section and broke the glass case. They stole multiple bottles and fled the store. The deputy collected the flashlight that the suspects used and lifted fingerprints from items the suspects touched.