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Over the weekend…

9/30/23, 11:30pm
Eluding, DUI
Mountain Hwy E, Mashel Prairie Rd E, Eatonville

A Mountain Detachment deputy passed a pickup truck that was speeding and didn’t have license plates. He turned around and attempted to catch up to the truck. In addition to speeding, the driver was exhibiting signs of impairment, including having trouble negotiating turns and nearly losing control of the truck. The deputy initiated a traffic stop, but the truck sped away. Since DUI is a pursuable offense, the deputy chased after the truck. Another deputy deployed stop sticks in the 41600 block of Mountain Hwy. The truck hit the sticks and crashed into a fence. The driver jumped out of the truck and ran through the woods. The original deputy caught up to him and arrested him. The 17-year-old driver appeared to be under the influence of narcotics so a deputy performed a blood draw.

9/30/23, 11:30pm
Vehicular Assault, Hit and Run
Vickery Ave E and 64th St E, Waller

Deputies were dispatched to a hit-and-run collision involving two vehicles. When they arrived, the victim, who suffered serious injuries, was being treated by fire personnel. The victim told deputies that he was driving southbound on Vickery Ave E when he saw a vehicle run the stop sign at 64th St E. He said the two vehicles collided and then the other driver fled on foot. The suspect was located several hours later at 48th St E and 36th Ave E. He lied about his name and deputies had to use a fingerprint scanner to identify him. He did admit to using narcotics. The 47-year-old suspect was booked into jail for vehicular assault, hit and run, and making false statements.

10/1/23, 4:00pm
Armed Robbery, Assault
11200 blk Pacific Ave S, Parkland

Deputies were dispatched to an armed robbery in progress at an auto parts store. When they arrived, the employees told them that the suspect already left. An employee told deputies that he saw the female suspect attempt to shoplift a bucket and a screwdriver. A female employee confronted the suspect, who pushed the employee and stabbed her in the hand with the screwdriver. Deputies checked the area but didn’t locate the suspect. Several evidentiary items were collected for further investigation.

10/1/23, 9:56pm
Bail Jumping
15400 blk 24th Ave E, Spanaway

Patrol deputies met up to arrest a 30-year-old suspect who had a felony warrant for failing to appear in court for charges of residential burglary, theft, and trafficking stolen property. He was out of jail on a $20,000 bail bond. Since he failed to show up to court on Sept. 12, deputies had probable cause to arrest him for bail jumping. When they knocked on the suspect’s door, a man answered and told deputies that the suspect said to tell them he wasn’t there. Deputies made announcements over the PA system for the suspect to come outside. After about 11 minutes, he surrendered. He was booked into jail for his warrant, and for bail jumping and obstructing. This is the third time deputies have booked the suspect into jail on this case.