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Man Murders Roommate in Parkland

At 3:04 pm on October 25th, our deputies responded to a death investigation call at the 13500 block of 8th Ave E. The caller reported their roommate was deceased inside of his trailer.

The suspect in this incident had already been arrested, but deputies did not know he murdered his roommate earlier that day.

Two days earlier on October 23rd, deputies had been at the location for a welfare check because CPS had been trying to check on a 6-year-old girl at the residence.

The father of the child, a 47-year-old man, had locked his father out of the house for several days and refused to answer the door for CPS on an earlier contact. Deputies went to the home with the father and the suspect assaulted the father in front of the deputies. He was immediately detained and arrested after a short struggle. The suspect was booked for Assault in the 4th Degree, Resisting Arrest and Assault in the 3rd Degree.

During that investigation, the 6-year-old stated her father had strangled his friend. It was never mentioned when or where this occurred or the fact that this person lived in a trailer next to the house.

Deputies had no reason to go into the trailer the day of the first incident. It was this afternoon when the father went to check on the roommate that he discovered the 37-year-old man was deceased.

Detectives and Forensic Investigators conducted interviews and served a search warrant at the trailer and home.

The suspect had murder added to his booking charges and he remains in custody at the Pierce County Jail.