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Welcome Back Elf Deputy Clark!

Clark is back and he has a special video project he wants Sgt. Moss to do with him. Watch to see what Clark has in store for you this holiday season!

After you welcome Clark back, we have some Holiday Safety Tips we want to share with you. This time we are talking about Vehicle Thefts and Vehicle Prowls.

Lock your doors

Hide any bags or packs from view

Don’t load your car up and then walk back in to do more shopping. Thieves will watch people in the parking lot and see you drop off your BestBuy bags and go back into the mall. That’s when they break in and steal all your gifts!

Have an anti-theft device, such as a club or steering column lock, installed on your vehicle to help deter would be vehicle thieves.

Do not leave your vehicle unattended while it is warming up. Even if the door is locked! We see an increase in these thefts during our colder months.

Don’t leave guns in the car!!! This is one of the main ways criminals are able to get firearms, especially the kids who are stealing cars.