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Clark Brings Mystery Friend to the Office

Clark is in trouble again! This time he thought it would be a good idea to bring his reindeer friend to the office. Remember to always watch out for suspicious people who may be up to no good.

Todays holiday tips are about being aware of your surroundings and how to avoid being a robbery victim. We want to make sure you take steps to protect yourself from being caught in a bad situation. Merry Christmas to everyone from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department!

Being alone at night makes you an easy target. Don’t setup meets to buy or sell items online or use the ATM machine at night. There are less people around and crooks will take advantage of this.

Selling or buying expensive items for cash is risky! The thief or robber can setup a deal to make sure you have the $700 or the PS5 they want with you and then they take it. Using trusted sources or making payments online and having items mailed or shipped like through ebay is much safer, still risky but there is no face to face.

Be aware of your surroundings. If you are walking alone have your keys ready to go to unlock your vehicle. If you feel like someone is casing you or following you, call 911 and walk towards a lit area or public space. Crooks are looking to get you alone where their crimes won’t be seen and no one can help you.

Don’t flash your cash! Most often the crooks will notice a high priced item you are carrying or if you pull out a stack of cash to pay for your items. Be discreet, use an envelope or just use cards, some areas like Seattle can have cash free stores and who doesn’t accept credit nowadays?