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Over the weekend…

1/6/24, 10:29am
Assault, Shoplifting
11200 blk Pacific Ave S, Parkland

Deputies were dispatched to an armed robbery that had just occurred at an auto parts store. When deputies arrived, they immediately searched the area for the suspect but were unable to locate him. According to a store employee, the suspect attempted to steal multiple car batteries. The employee confronted the suspect and he yelled at her that he was not stealing. He then put down the car batteries and walked to a different section of the store. He grabbed an item off the shelf and asked the employee if it was inexpensive enough to steal. The suspect continued yelling as he left the store and pointed a large knife at a customer.

1/6 – 1/7/24, Overnight
Trailer Theft
17800 blk S Vaughn Rd NW, Vaughn

A Peninsula Detachment deputy was dispatched to a theft that occurred sometime overnight at a camp that provides outdoor experiences for children and adults with disabilities. According to the victim, he had been contracted to do some work at the camp and had left his cargo trailer on the job site overnight. When he arrived to start working in the morning, the trailer was gone, along with about $40,000 in tools and equipment. The owner said he had a tongue lock, but the thieves cut off the lock and left it at the camp. The thieves did leave their bolt cutters behind, but the rain appears to have washed away any fingerprints or other evidence.

1/7/24, 9:32am
Assault, Weapons Violation
19400 blk 92nd Ave E, Graham

Deputies were dispatched to a domestic violence incident involving a weapon. When they arrived, a 40-year-old man told them that he had gotten into a verbal dispute with his 35-year-old brother over a drone and that the brother had pointed an AR-15 style firearm at him. The suspect had fled in his vehicle before deputies arrived. A short time later, the suspect called 911 to turn himself him. Deputies responded to the suspect’s location and took him into custody. He was booked into jail for assault in the first degree. Deputies impounded the vehicle and will search it in an attempt to locate the weapon that was used. The suspect is a convicted felon and is prohibited from possessing firearms.

1/7/24, 9:33am
Residential Burglary
12100 blk 212th Ave E, Bonney Lake

Foothills Detachment deputies were dispatched to a residential burglary in progress at a vacant home that is on the market. When they arrived, deputies spoke with a realtor who told them that was going to show the house to potential buyers but found people in a bedroom when he arrived. Deputies ordered the suspects (a male and female) to exit the house and they complied. The female was allowed to leave with her small dog, but the 43-year-old male had been caught squatting in this house before and was arrested for residential burglary. He also had an arrest warrant for another residential burglary.