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Over the weekend…

3/16/24, 12:01am
Fatal Collision
7100 blk Harts Lake Rd S, Roy
Incident # 24-076-00486

A Mountain Detachment deputy was dispatched to a single-vehicle collision that had occurred overnight. When he arrived, the property owner showed him a vehicle in his field. The male driver (sole occupant) was deceased. The property owner said he heard what he thought was a collision around midnight, but didn’t see anything when he looked outside. He noticed the vehicle once the sun came up. It appears that the small pickup truck left the roadway, went through a wooden fence, hit and tree and rolled over. There were numerous alcohol containers inside and outside the vehicle.

3/16/24, 3:29pm
Felony Harassment
16400 blk Meridian E, South Hill
Incident # 24-076-01428

Deputies were dispatched to a weapons intimidation call that occurred on Meridian. While driving to the location, a deputy called the victim to determine what happened. The victim said a man in a blue Dodge Ram brandished a gun while driving down Meridian. The deputy alerted other deputies and they located the suspect’s vehicle. According to the victim, he was driving down Meridian and the occupants of the truck tried to get his attention a couple times. The victim ignored them and rolled up his window. The passenger of the truck pulled out a gun a hung it outside the window. The 30-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into jail for felony harassment. Inside the truck, deputies found a real pistol and a BB gun that resembled a Glock pistol.

3/16/24, 4:06pm
Armed Robbery
9th Ave E & 73rd St E, Midland
Incident # 24-076-01513

A deputy was dispatched to an armed robbery that had just occurred at a shopping complex. When he arrived, the victim told him she was robbed while selling snacks and beverages from a cart. She said two suspects (male and female) arrived in an older, red, four-door sedan, and ordered drinks. When the victim gave them their order, the male suspect pulled out a gun, pointed it at the victim, and ordered her to give him cash. The victim estimates that she handed over $150 – $200. The suspects fled eastbound in their vehicle, which didn’t have license plates. The deputy checked nearby surveillance footage, but none of the videos showed the robbery or the suspects’ vehicle.

3/17/24, 12:25am
Reckless Driving
Mountain Hwy E & SR-702
Incident # 24-077-00040

A deputy was parked in the 32800 block of Mountain Hwy E when he spotted a vehicle speeding southbound. He pulled onto the roadway and reached speeds of over 90 mph trying to catch up to the vehicle, but it was still pulling away. The car stopped at the red light at Eatonville Cutoff Rd E and signaled to go eastbound. The deputy caught up to the car as it pulled into a driveway in the 36700 block of Eatonville Cutoff Rd E. The 16-year-old female driver initially told the deputy that she was speeding to get away from someone who was following her. When the deputy told her that there were no other vehicles around, she admitted that she was trying to get to her friend’s house before her 1:00 a.m. curfew. She was cited and released for reckless driving, which is a misdemeanor crime.

3/17/24, 7:36pm
DUI, Resisting Arrest
204th Ave Ct E & 125th St Ct E, Bonney Lake
Incident # 24-077-01857

A Foothills Detachment deputy was flagged down by a man who said his mother was driving drunk through his neighborhood. The deputy found the car nearby and conducted a traffic stop. When he approached the car, the driver opened the door. He immediately smelled alcohol. The deputy told the woman several times to turn off the car, but she refused. While talking with the driver, the deputy noticed several signs of impairment. He told her she was under arrest and ordered her out of the vehicle. She again refused to comply, stating that her arm was stuck between the seat and the center console, and telling the deputy that he needed to call her attorney. When backup arrived, deputies pulled the driver out of the car and placed her in handcuffs. The 59-year-old woman directed racial slurs at the arresting deputy. She also claimed to know where he lived and made threats against him. She was transported to the hospital for a blood draw before being booked into jail for DUI with prior conviction and resisting arrest.