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Over the weekend…

Check out a few of the calls our deputies responded to #OverTheWeekend…

3/31/24, 10:30am
Commercial Burglary
16200 blk Pacific Ave S, Spanaway
Incident # 24-091-00707

A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary at a community outreach facility. When he arrived, an employee told him that when she tried to open the front door, something was blocking it from the inside. When she finally got into the building, she noticed it was in disarray. The suspect(s) stole eight TVs, a computer, and a printer. We are working to obtain surveillance video from the owners.

3/31/24, 12:19pm
Strongarm Robbery
12800 blk Meridian E, South Hill
Incident # 24-091-00981

A deputy was dispatched to a drug store for a strongarm robbery. The 911 caller reported that the suspect tried to steal some alcoholic beverages and threw them at an employee’s head when he was confronted. When the deputy arrived, the suspect fled on foot. He stopped after a short pursuit and complied with being detained. He initially refused to tell deputies his name, but eventually provided it. The 33-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into jail for robbery in the second degree.

3/31/24, 12:30pm
Stolen Vehicle Recovery & Arrest
14900 blk Pacific Ave S, Spanaway
Incident # 24-091-00939

A deputy was dispatched to a criminal trespass complaint at a shopping complex. When he arrived, an employee told him the subject was now outside in a green Nissan Maxima. The deputy ran the license plate on the car and determined it was stolen. The driver claimed that he was borrowing the vehicle from a friend. He said he found it odd that the vehicle had to be started with nail clippers, but he trusted his friend. After arresting the 44-year-old suspect, the deputy searched the vehicle and found methamphetamine and fentanyl. The suspect was booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle.

3/31/24, 12:30pm
Domestic Violence Assault
17400 blk 5th Ave Ct E, Spanaway
Incident # 24-091-00139

Deputies were dispatched to a domestic violence assault call at a residence. According to the 911 caller, the suspect left in his truck after assaulting his wife and 14-year-old son. When deputies arrived, the son told them that his father, who did not live at the home, had entered the house through an unlocked window. He punched his wife several times in the face, and when the son tried to intervene, the suspect assaulted him as well. The suspect also punched a hole in the TV before fleeing the scene. Deputies located the 35-year-old suspect nearby and arrested him for domestic violence assault in the second degree, residential burglary, domestic violence assault in the fourth degree, and malicious mischief. The son was transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

3/31/24, 10:05pm
DUI Arrest, Reckless Endangerment
13100 blk 176th Ave E, Bonney Lake
Incident # 24-091-02119

Foothills Detachment deputies were dispatched to a welfare check in the Tehaleh neighborhood. According to the 911 caller, a 33-year-old woman was intoxicated and had just driven away from a residence with her 3-year-old child in the vehicle. While driving to the location, a deputy passed the suspect’s vehicle and he turned around to make a traffic stop. The deputy immediately noticed signs of impairment, and the suspect had trouble doing simple tasks like providing her license and proof of insurance. She was arrested for DUI and her son was picked up by a family member. She apparently forgot that her son had already been picked up and asked deputies several times where her son was. Deputies noticed an empty beer can in the car. The suspect was transported to the hospital for a blood draw before being booked into jail for DUI, reckless endangerment, obstructing, and contempt of court.