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What to Expect When Calling 911

It is important to provide accurate and detailed information to the 911 call taker.

The first thing they will ask is

WHERE is it happening and

WHAT is happening

Once they have this information then they can enter a call for service into the Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD) and deputies can now be dispatched to the call.

Once a call is entered into the system, the call takers may ask you some additional questions to gather important details for responders.

It is important to know Answering Questions does not delay help!

Other questions we will be asking next are, the Suspect Description, Are there any weapons involved, WHEN did this Occur, WHO should responders be looking for, and further descriptions and more detailed information about what happened or what led up to the incident.

Please be patient and answer the call takers questions as best you can so they can get help to you as quickly as possible!

Thank you to our call takers and dispatchers for all they do! They provide a pivotal service to our community and take care of all of our first responders on a daily basis.