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Deputies arrest robbery suspect who stole laundry detergent

deputy arresting robbery suspect

On May 22nd at 3:20 pm, our deputy responded to the QFC at 111th/Pacific Ave for an armed robbery. The deputy spoke to loss prevention and the employees who stated a man in a red hoodie stole several yellow jugs of detergent and when an employee approached him, he grabbed a knife in a sheath on his waist. The employee backed away and the suspect left.

Deputies believed they had probable cause to arrest the suspect for Robbery in the 1st Degree and thankfully the employees had a good photo of the suspect’s clothing.

Our deputy talked to several people along the sidewalk and was told the suspect had walked north on Pacific Ave. The deputy eventually located the suspect at 88th St. just west of Pacific Ave. He contacted and detained the suspect who was sitting on the curb with two other people.

The deputy located three yellow detergent jugs and some scented laundry crystals. The deputy also took the knife in the sheath from the suspect as evidence in the robbery.

What usually is just a report with minimal suspect information turned into a great proactive arrest by our deputy taking the time to talk to people in the area who helped him locate this robbery suspect. Great Job!