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Over the weekend…

Check out some of the calls our deputies responded to over the weekend…

6/1/24, 10:08am
Illegal Firearms Possession, Drugs
48th Ave E & 112th St E, Summit
Incident # 24-153-00655

A patrol deputy spotted a vehicle that had expired registration (4.5 years) and no front license plate, so he conducted a traffic stop. It took a significant amount of time for the driver to pull over, so the deputy detained him. As the deputy was checking the VIN on the dash, he looked through the windshield and saw drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. He asked the driver if he could search the vehicle and the driver consented. In addition to the drug paraphernalia, the deputy located multiple rounds of ammunition. Since the driver is a convicted felon, he was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm in the second degree. He also had brass knuckles in his pants pocket. The 41-year-old suspect was booked into jail for illegally possessing the ammo and brass knuckles.

6/1/24, 4:00pm
Residential Burglary
10700 blk 5th Ave S, Parkland
Incident # 24-153-01340

Deputies were dispatched to a residential burglary in progress at a vacant house. According to the 911 caller, a woman broke into the house, which was being renovated, and was refusing to leave. When deputies arrived, the woman exited the house and was speaking incoherently. According to the victim, the drywall had been damaged from the suspect trying to move the refrigerator around the house. The bed was also damaged/soiled and would need to be replaced. The 40-year-old suspect was booked into jail for residential burglary.

6/1/24, 8:00pm
Commercial Burglary
15400 Pipeline Rd E, McMillin
Incident # 24-155-00660

A deputy was dispatched to a commercial burglary that occurred at a construction site. According to the victim, the suspects broke into a small connex container and stole several pieces of equipment, including: two chainsaws, a cut-off saw, a generator, and a portable band saw. The total loss was approximately $2,750. According to surveillance video, the suspects arrived and left on an ATV and dirt bike.

6/2/24, 1:20am
10700 blk Park Ave S, Parkland
Incident # 24-154-00051

A deputy was dispatched to a shooting that occurred in a bar parking lot. When he arrived, multiple cars were leaving the lot. He was unable to locate a victim or a shooter, and the only person who would talk to him about the shooting was a security guard. According to him, two people were shooting at each other outside the bar after a possible verbal altercation inside the bar. He was unable to provide descriptions of the shooters or their vehicles. The deputy collected shell casings in the parking lot and spoke with a woman whose vehicle had been hit.

6/2/24, 1:40am
DUI, Eluding
25400 blk 112th St E, Buckley
Incident # 24-154-00157

A deputy was driving westbound on 112th St E when he spotted a vehicle traveling towards him at a high rate of speed. The vehicle crossed the center line as it approached the deputy and accelerated once it passed him. The deputy turned around and initiated a traffic stop, but the driver accelerated to nearly 100mph. Since the deputy believed the driver was impaired, he pursued the vehicle. The pursuit ventured into the City of Buckley, so Buckley PD officers assisted by placing stop sticks. The suspect’s vehicle hit the sticks and came to a stop. The 20-year-old driver was arrested for DUI (drugs) and eluding. A deputy conducted a blood draw before the suspect was booked into jail.