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Deputies rescue woman from Puyallup River

deputies rescue woman from river

At 12:29 pm, on Tuesday June 4th, deputies responded to a woman in the river floating near the 7900 block of River Rd E in Puyallup.

Deputies were rushing to the scene and were getting updates from all the agencies on the shore who were trying to throw life vests and ropes to the woman.

Our Swiftwater trained deputies put on their gear and made their way to the water.

We don’t have footage of the rescue, but we did speak to a detective who swam out in the river to rescue the woman. Listen to him explain how they performed the rescue.

At 12:49 pm, officers announced the rescue swimmers had her and were bringing her to the shore. But the rescue wasn’t over yet, because they still had to get the woman out of the water to prevent hypothermia.

On the shore you can see it was not easy to get them out. There was no bank and first responders used ropes and a ladder down the steep bank to make a ramp to pull the woman to safety.

At this time we did not learn how the woman ended up in the river, but we know she is in stable condition.

This was an great team effort by all the first responders who all rushed to the scene to help someone in dire need.

As always, outstanding job deputies!