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Aiding or Abetting in Street Racing Activity

As part of the new legislation a new RCW has been added to deter street racing in our state.

RCW 46.64.048 Attempting, aiding, abetting, coercing, committing violations, punishable.

Every person who commits, attempts to commit, conspires to commit, or aids or abets in the commission of any act declared by this title to be a traffic infraction or a crime, whether individually or in connection with one or more other persons or as principal, agent, or accessory, shall be guilty of such offense, and every person who falsely, fraudulently, forcefully, or willfully induces, causes, coerces, requires, permits or directs others to violate any provisions of this title is likewise guilty of such offense.

This is a state law which mirrors some city ordinances that make spectating at a street racing event or take over illegal. Filming, blocking the roadways, organizing the events are things that subject you to a citation.