Blueberry harvest with Harvest Pierce County

In the spring of 2019, Pierce County acquired a 5.9-acre former blueberry farm as part of the Canyon Road Regional Connection Project. Eventually, we will restore the site to a more natural state as a wetland with a meandering stream. In the meantime though, we have been partnering with Harvest Pierce County to make sure the five types of delicious blueberries on the overgrown bushes do not go to waste!

Harvest Pierce County is an organization dedicated to growing, harvesting, and sharing the bounty of food grown in Pierce County. Every year they and their volunteers fan out to farms and backyards across Pierce County to glean or collect, unharvested fruits and vegetables to prevent food waste and increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables to clients of food banks.

As we’ve done the past couple of years, we teamed up with Harvest Pierce County volunteers to glean blueberries on the property. This partnership has resulted in roughly 500 pounds of blueberries being harvested– between 100-150 pounds a season! All harvested blueberries are donated to local food banks in the area.

Interested in volunteering with Harvest Pierce County? Sign up and register here! You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to learn about next year’s gleaning opportunities.

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