What’s your vision for active transportation?

Pierce County’s active transportation system serves pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters, and others who travel by human-powered means. These users need options to get around that are safe, connected, and easy to access.

Increasing our active transportation options and uses in Pierce County is good for the environment, makes our neighborhoods more livable and accessible, lowers our transportation costs, and decreases traffic.

The Canyon Road Regional Connection Project, for example, will add over seven miles of sidewalks and pathways and create more access points for people using active transportation. We’re also building a suspended shared-use pathway under the new Puyallup River bridge, which will replace the Milroy Bridge. The best part about this is that it’s totally separated from car and truck traffic for a much more comfortable ride. It also creates a new non-motorized connection between unincorporated Pierce County and the City of Fife.

Take our Active Transportation Survey!
We want to hear how you use active transportation to get around unincorporated Pierce County! Visit www.piercecountywa.gov/active to take our survey in English, Spanish, Russian or Korean by Dec. 20. Your feedback will help us develop our Active Transportation Plan!



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