On the road: An afternoon with Ardena Gale residents

During our community outreach through the Fall of 2021, several residents of the Ardena Gale Mobile Home Park asked how the Canyon Road Regional Connection Project would affect the people who live there, most of whom are seniors. So the project team hit the road to meet with Ardena Gale residents on a sunny Saturday in November.

The new bridge connecting to 70th Avenue East will affect the Ardena Gale entrance, and the new 74th Avenue East will border Ardena Gale when the project is complete.

Over four hours, approximately 40 residents stopped by our outdoor booth on the property to learn about the project and ask questions about the timeline, road changes, construction impacts, noise, and more.

This was the first time in nearly two years that the project team has held an in-person event and it was a beautiful day to be out in the community. Thank you to the Ardena Gale Mobile Home Park residents for being so welcoming!

If you would like to request a Canyon Road Regional Connection Project update for your neighborhood, please email us at canyonroadconnection@piercecountywa.gov.



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