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Over the weekend…

2/26/22, 3:57am
Commercial Burglary
21700 blk 103rd Ave Ct E, Graham
Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary at a Mexican restaurant. When they arrived, they discovered that the back door had been pried open. The deputies cleared the building and didn’t find anyone inside. It appears that the suspects pried open the office door and tried to cut the safe open with a large power saw. They were unsuccessful. Deputies obtained video surveillance of the suspects and their vehicle.

2/27/22, 3:41am
Commercial Burglary
15700 blk Pacific Ave S, Parkland
Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary at a pizza restaurant. When deputies arrived, they contacted a witness who said he saw two men break the glass front door. He said they then used a dolly to steal an arcade coin machine from the restaurant. The owner believes the same suspects burglarized the restaurant in December.

2/27/22, 7:05pm
DUI Collision
Canyon Rd E & Military Rd E
A Mercedes SLK was travelling northbound on Canyon Rd E at a high rate of speed when it lost control and struck a box truck in the lane next to it. The box truck rolled over several times and the Mercedes struck a utility pole. The driver of the Mercedes, a 39-year-old male, was arrested for DUI. He has a prior conviction for vehicular assault. The driver of the box truck was not seriously injured.

2/27/22, 8:22pm
Commercial Burglary
10400 blk Canyon Rd E, Summit
Deputies were dispatched to a farm supply store in response to a burglary alarm. When deputies arrived, they discovered that the glass front door was shattered. They saw a suspect come to the door and look outside. The suspect saw the deputies’ vehicles and ran towards the back of the store. One deputy stayed at the front door and the other deputy ran to the back of the building. Two suspects exited the back door and ran. The deputy initially chased one of the suspects, but decided it was safer to wait for K9 since he was by himself in the dark and didn’t know if the suspect was armed. A K9 searched the area but was unable to locate the suspects. Deputies believe the same suspects burglarized a nearby COVID testing center. A box of COVID test kits was stolen during that burglary and was found in the farm store’s parking lot.

2/27/22, 8:54pm
DUI, Eluding
11800 blk Pacific Ave S, Parkland
A patrol deputy was travelling southbound on Pacific Ave S behind a vehicle that didn’t have its lights on and had one of its turn signals on for an extended period of time. Believing the driver was likely under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he attempted to stop the car. When he turned on his lights, the vehicle took off. Since DUI is a pursuable offense, the deputy followed the car. The driver attempted to make a turn at a high rate of speed and slid into the curb. This flattened one of the tires and slowed down the vehicle enough for the deputy to use a PIT maneuver to stop the car. The 23-year-old female driver admitted to using methamphetamine and fentanyl before driving, and deputies found drug paraphernalia inside her car. She was arrested for eluding, resisting arrest, obstructing and DUI.

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