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Deputies receive commendation for courage and compassion

We’d like to share with you a commendation that six of our deputies received for their courage and compassion during an incident where a domestic violence suspect cut himself with a knife. Following the incident, their sergeant submitted the following letter of commendation:

“On April 24, 2022, at about 2330 hours, Deputies Jorgenson, Jankens, Calderwood, Dolan, Massey and Arceo were called to an in-progress violation of a court order, and the victim reported having been strangled by her estranged husband. At the scene, deputies established contact with the victim and established probable cause for the husband’s arrest. The victim wavered on whether her husband was still in the house, but believed if he was, he had armed himself. He had threatened to cut his throat if she phoned the police.

“After more than 10 minutes of calling into the house over the public announcement speaker, the victim said she thought he may have left the house on foot before deputies arrived. She said that she had two minor children in the house and wanted it cleared before she re-entered it. Deputies moved into the house as a team, announcing their presence and indicating their desire for cooperation and a safe resolution.

“Deputies discovered a large pool of blood in the hallway leading to a bedroom, and the deputies quickly transitioned into a community caretaking role. Without hesitation, deputies told the subject to open the door or they would force it open. Shortly thereafter, they had to force the bedroom door open.

“Deputies discovered the victim’s husband sitting stoic on the floor with a knife in his hand and blood rushing out of his neck. The subject had cut his own neck and had lost a significant amount of blood. Deputies made the scene safe and tried to render aid. The subject became combative and struggled with the deputies, despite having lost a significant amount of blood. The subject was fueled by adrenaline or narcotics – or both.

“It took a team effort to restrain the subject and get pressure on his self-inflicted, 5+ inch laceration. Deputies used both courage and compassion in bringing the event to an end. Central Pierce Fire and Rescue was able to treat the subject, but only while the deputies maintained control of his bloody body and clothing.

“The subject spent five days in the hospital after emergency surgery before being released and booked into the Pierce County Jail on two felony domestic violence crimes.

“Had these deputies not entered the house and forced entry into the bedroom, it was probable the subject would have died from the loss of blood, within minutes.”