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Can You Run with the K9???

Take a look at a K9 track from the handler’s perspective. This track was 30 minutes long (For your viewing we shortened it to 3 minutes), starting with a steep decline to a creek bed, then climbing up a hill, back down the hill and through some thick brush and sticker bushes. In the end K9 Brix found the suspect in the creek and we were able to take him into custody. Watch this video and let us know if you could keep up!


Incident Details:
At 1:27 pm on November 1st, Deputies responded to a possible single vehicle accident at 102nd Ave E and Meridian Ave E. People called in saying the vehicle moved into a driveway and left debris in the roadway. The first responding deputy saw a minivan partially off the roadway in some bushes with the male driver standing next to the van. When the man saw the deputies approaching he ran off into the woods.

Deputies had no crime and no reason to chase the man initially. After talking to a woman in the vehicle they learned the man’s name and discovered there was a protection order between him and the woman. Deputies now had probable cause to arrest the suspect for Violation of a Protection Order.

Deputies called for assistance from a K9 unit. Deputy Munson and his partner K9 Brix arrived on scene to assist. Take a look at their 36 minute track and successful capture of this suspect.

The man was transported to the hospital for treatment for medical issues not related to the K9 contact and then booked into the Pierce County Jail for Violation of a Protection Order.

If you think you could keep pace, or this just looks exciting, consider applying for a career with us. Contact our recruiter at and visit our jobs page